RAISED Spot UV on Suede

Tactile Trends. A clear yearning for touch.

 When our Suede cards were introduced last year, they were instantly popular. The uniquely smooth, textured cards are resonating with your market. It appears that customers are yearning for a more tactile experience. It makes sense.We all love our smartphones and the interwebs. But with all this digital, it is also true that we want to reconnect to the “touchy-feely” world of textures and new combinations of materials. We want something familiar as well as something new. 

 The feel of the RAISED UV enhances an already visually beautiful suede card. See what happens when these two wonderfully different textures come together. Your customers will be delighted by the bright shiny details that rise from the velvety smooth suede card foundation. The unique balance of the luxury of suede, highlighted by the lifting of shimmering, raised UV highlights, creates a visual and tactile experience that customers can feel and see.